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Your Power 24 Hour Package

It has to be said, no one can be 100% motivated every minute of every day. Short bursts of competition, accompanied by rewards or 'happiness shocks' such as a chocolate treat, can make employees 10-12% more productive. That's why Upstream want to help boost your sales as you kick off the last quarter by inviting you to participate in our Power 24 Hour Package:
  • 24 hours of unlimited access to Upstream on October 13th, 20th, or 27th 

  • The best prospecting tool in the marketing industry, with contact information, inside scoops and exclusive insights on 50,000 decision makers

  • Prizes for the top sales performers and sugary treats delivered to your office throughout the day

If you are interested in our Power 24 Hour Package, please get in touch with Mark Malavan on:
+44 (0)203 861 4459
+44 (0)7921 856 480

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        Demonstrate how to recognise and motivate different personality types

        Get to grips with intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to boost performance

        See how gamification has transformed global sales teams at SAP, Comcast and Paypal     


Motivation is one of the most important components of sustained sales success: highly motivated employees can improve operation profit by up to 19.2% over a year.

However, sales motivation doesn't only come in the form of cash compensation and improving team motivation, especially when working with a dynamic team of different personalities, is no easy feat. 

That's why Upstream have put together this guide to:

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